Friday, June 15, 2012

Yummy Gummy

Husband and I both love those gummy fruit snacks that you put in kid's school lunch.  Husband love to take them to work but I find myself grabbing a package or 3 along the way.  Although they arent expensive, I thought, there has to be a way to make it.  Behold the wonders of the interwebs!  Im not going to link a recipe because, to be honest, there are so many of them I cant give credit to one recipe author.

Jello Gummies
1 package flavored Jello (sugar free or regular is fine)
2 packages unflavored Knox gelatin

1/3 cup water

Pour water into a small saucepan.  Sprinkle the Jello & gelatin into water and let set for 10 minutes.  While pot is setting, prep your molds**.  Heat pan on medium, continually whisking/stirring until gelatins are dissolved.  Once dissolved pour into molds.  Let set 20 minutes on counter or 10 minutes in fridge.

**As I've mentioned before, we're all about the cheap.  Screw buying expensive silicon molds.  I use cupcake tins lightly greased with a oil soaked paper towel.  Once the gummies have set, I use my kitchen shears to cut the disks into bite size.  I then lightly toss in corn starch to remove/cover the sticky parts.  Husband has suggested using Splenda on the sugar-free ones instead of corn starch.  When I make another batch I will try that and update the blog.
I cant tell you how long these gummies are good for because a batch has never made it through the night.  They are wicked addictive!

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