Sunday, May 6, 2012

Bruchetta and v-stitch hats

It's Sunday.  In our little family Sundays mean watching premium cable shows online.  This time of year it HBO's Game of Thrones.  The husband works 2nd shift, meaning that our dinner is usually around 1am.  Im not sure what dinner will be tonight, but snack will be stellar.  I had the husband pick up some tomatoes for the pre-made burgers we had last night.  When I opened the freezer last night I noticed I still had a chunk of mozzarella.  I ran over to a market and bough some olive oil.  I will admit, sadly, that its probably not good olive oil.  Snack tonight will be bruchetta.  My plan is to balance out the not wonderful olive oil with wonderful homemade/bread machine made Italian bread.
Once snack is started, I plan to finish the double crochet v-stitch hat I've been working on.  When I get this hat done my next project will be crochet water bottle slings.  Im possibly going to vend at a local PowWow and think they would be a hit there.

Tomato & Mozzarella Bruchetta (my recipe is on the cheap):
Italian herb
Olive Oil
Balsamic Vinegar
Salt & pepper

Chopped the tomatoes, I like to take out some of the seed area leaving as much of the meat as possible.  Cube mozzarella fairly small.  Use enough oil and vinegar to moisten.  If you are using dry herb, rub them in your hands to crush them and release more of the flavor.  Add herb, salt and pepper to personal taste.  Its good to let it sit for a while to let the flavors intensify.
As you may notice, there are no measurements.  Recipes like this I do just "to taste", meaning the way I like it.   Of course, I would rather use fresh basil and fresh herbs, but this is budget cooking.

Now to the V-stitch part.  I currently trying to finish a double crochet v-stitch hat in pink and purple, something light for spring.

Double Crochet V-Stitch Hat
**DCV- (DC, ch1, DC) in same stitch
1.  Start with either a magic loop or chain 6.
2.  12 DC (double crochet) into loop or 5th chain from the hook.  Join/Slst (slip stitch) into top of 1st DC
      Each increase row will start with ch 3 (counts as 1st dc)
3.  Increase by 2DC in every other st, joining at the end.
4.  Repeat #3, increase, until it is desired width. (the way I learned to measure was put your hands on either side of your head with the hat on your head.  It'll fit when the hat barely touches your hands).
5.  v-stitch row: ch 4 (counts as dc, ch1), DC in same st as ch4.  DCV in every other st.  Join
6.  Ch4, DC in same stitch.  DCV between every DCV of the row before.  Join
7.  Repeat #6 until desired length.

I tend to use whatever hook I feel goes with the yarn.  All the yarns I use are either cotton, acrylic or a blend as Im allergic to wool.  Plus, blends are much less expensive and easier to care for.  For the hat Im working on right now I alternated every other row between pink and purple.  To alternate, I added the new color at the ch4 of step 5.

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