Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Wedding day survival kit for under $20

A friend of mine had a bridal shower coming up.  I went to pick up the crock pot she had on her registery but the store was sold out.  Being of limited funds, I came up with a Wedding Day Survival Kit.  I was at a certain box store therefore able to get everything I needed for very inexpensively.  Including items I had laying around the house, I paid less then $20 for the gift.

Wedding Day Survival Kit for under $20
  • plastic "shoe box" storage bin ($0.96)
  • Johnson & Johnson first aid kit ($0.97)
  • hand sanitizer ($1.00) i used one I had from a spree at Bath & Body Works during their 5/$5 sale
  • mini deodorant ($0.94)
  • lint tape roller ($0.50) came in a 2 pack for $1
  • Wisps :1 use tooth cleaners ($0.94)
  • tissue pocket pack ($0.25) came in multipack of 4 for $1
  • hand lotion ($0.94) i got mine at that box store but can be picked up at Bath & Body Works during their 5/$5 sale
  • bottled water ($1.50)  this may be something some people already have around the house so could be done cheaper
  • chocolate bar ($0.70)
  • iced coffee mix ($0.70) these came in a multipack.  That Seattle based mermaid logoed company makes one of the only good instant coffee that can be mixed in cold water
  • note pad ($0.25) came in a 4 pack for $1
  • pen ($0.50)  most people have these laying around, mine all had adverts on them
  • gum or hard candy ($0.70) 
  • lip balm ($0.94)
  • wet wipes ($1.00) 
  • bobby pins ($1.00)
  • 2 alcohol "nips" ($5) obviously, youll have to go to another store for this. "Nips" are those mini, 1 shot, bottles.
  • ponytail holders *
  • small scissors *
  • mini sewing kit *
  • Tums*  i was able to use what I had and put them in an old (clean!!) pill bottle
*items I already had

This kit that I made had things that I found useful on my wedding day.  Gear your kit to your bride.  My bride-to-be was someone who enjoyed coffee, if yours doesnt, try those single serve Crystal Lite packs.  Doesnt eat chocolate?  Try package of peanuts.  Choose a sanitizer and lotion scent that your bride-to-be enjoys.  If she's a smoker, maybe spend a little extra and throw in a lighter and pack of her brand.  Or, if shes a smoker, add an inexpensive purse body spray.
I used old pill bottles (washed out, of course!) for things that I already had and just split up: bobby pins, tums, ponytail holders


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