Sunday, February 24, 2013

Mock Tiramisu

I came across an awesome, basic, cupcake recipe (which is sadly lost now) and decided one random Saturday night to make them.  The cupcakes came out looking a little uneven in doneness.  I attempted to remove them from my ancient muffin tins to discover that the only cupcakes that would come out of the tin was the ones that were burnt around the edge.  Cursing and slamming around my kitchen I did my best to remove as much of the cupcakes as possible before pitching the muffin tins into the recycle bin.  After a couple long breathes and a cigarette, I came in to notice my husband's expresso machine sitting on the counter.  I was struck with fix-it genius.  Tiramisu! 

I started by crumbling the cupcakes that I had salvaged.  I had the crumble of 18 cupcakes.

Fresh Expresso

I poured enough expresso on to lightly soak the cupcake crumble

Made a basic powder sugar icing.  For this amount of crumble I used 2 cups of powdered sugar then slowly added expresso a little at a time until it was a consistancy that I wanted.

Spread the icing on top of the crumble.  I sprinkled cocoa powder on top.
I suggest refrigerating for an hour or 2 before serving to allow expresso to soak into cupcake crumble

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