Friday, August 8, 2014

Mysterious disappearances

Im back!  Between new medical diagnosis, crashing computers, spousal mental health issues, moving, moving again, moving back, and a myriad of other things, i was offline from blogging for a while.  Im now gluten-free, new medicated, husband has a new job and I have been able to rehab my old Sony Vaio.
I joined rejoined a CSA I was part of last year.  I was recently asked by the woman who runs it, whom i have been friends with since childhood, if I wouldnt mind posting some things on their Facebook page since I talk about my CSA share on my own Facebook.  What a great time to get back into blogging.  So Im putting the yarn down and typing away.  I have a huge backlog of recipes, both gluten-free and CSA inspired, and a ton of new "homesteading" tips I've learned along the way.

*For the record, I love that I can call my ghetto way of living, "homesteading".

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